The home of Land Rover Security products. Protect your Defender from theft with some great products...

To make the vulnerable Defender more secure there are some key aspects that you need to focus on:

Bonnet Products

There are three things to do to prevent bonnet theft. Hinges, Cable guard for the wing top, Cable guard behind the front grill.

Doors Products

There are two things to focus on here, the hinges and the locks. We do a deadlock kit, and a hinge guard or security bolt kit to protect the hinges.

Internal Security Items

Lock your underseat boxes, to lock away fuse boxes and other secure items in there. It is also possible to relocate security items in here, for example relocating your OBD port into one of these.

External Security Items

The rear quarter lights need a grill fitted, to prevent easy access through the window. We do a guard to our own design, that requires no drilling of the bodywork, so is completely reversible.

For post 1998 models

It is advisable to fit a BBUS relocation loom. to move the BBUS back into the engine bay, and prevent this being overcome. Also fit some guards over the headlights with security fixings, so that the thief doesn't attempt to remove the light in the first place.

We have many more products that we are developing on a continual basis. So please keep checking back here to see what exciting new products we come up with to protect your Land Rover Defender.

We are a very small family run business and as such don't hold huge stocks of all of our items. Therefore we may be out of stock, we will always be in touch as soon as the order is placed regarding a lead time, but if you need anything urgently, then please do check with us prior to ordering.