Optimill Quick Release Boss

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Yet again, another fantastic product from Optimill. This is such a nice compact unit, that means the aftermarket wheel sits at the same level as the factory fit one. It works with all our MOMO wheels.

There are three locating lugs on the hub, that the boss locates into, pull the side pins out, and it fits snugly over the hub. A fantastic way to reduce the likelihood of theft of your Land Rover Defender...

The following table gives a list of steering column types fitted to Land Rover 90/110/127/Defender vehicles since introduction.

Model Land Rover 90/110/127
before Tdi
Defender 90/110/130
up to 1997MY
Defender 90/110/130
1998MY to 2008MY
Defender 90/110/130
2008.5MY to 2014MY
Defender 90/110/130
2015MY and 2016MY
Derivative All All Non Station Wagon Station Wagon† Non Station Wagon Station Wagon† Non Station Wagon Station Wagon†
Chassis Numbers‡ to HA906579 JA906580 to WA138479 WA138480 to 8A760056 WA138480 to 8A760056 8A760057 to EA999999 FA000001 to GA999999
Small Diameter Column Tick     Tick        
Large Diameter Column   Tick Tick   Tick Tick Tick Tick
Wheel Type A B B C B D B+DSC D+DSC
Splines 36 48 48 36 48 48 48 48


Please note that the above is a guide, and we recomend that you should physically count the splines.