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Keyless Protector

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The keyless protector is one of the best solutions on the market to resolve keyless entry car theft!

Relay attacks are happening all over the world with thieves using devices to boost the signal from proximity remotes in order to gain access to the vehicle and even drive them away in many cases.

The good news is that this product resolves all of those issues by blocking the signal from the remote control when it's not needed. The advanced technology, ultra-thin circuit board wraps around the vehicle remote key battery. The Keyless Protector can then detect when the key is not in use. To reactivate the key all that's needed is a double tap either in your pocket or bag.

What Is “RELAY” Car Crime?

With new technology brings new advancements but with that also new vulnerabilities.


Car crime is on the rise, with the number of vehicles stolen doubling since previous years.
A new type of attack, known as a relay attack is being used to enable criminals to steal any keyless vehicle in under 30 seconds.

With no force of entry, the criminals use long distance antennas to intercept your keys signals essentially fooling the car in thinking you are standing next to the car. Once unlocked the vehicle signals which were intercepted also enable the car to start and all done in under 30 seconds.

96% of motorists are at risk of having their car stolen by criminals using the latest theft technique

These hacking devices unfortunately are on sale, for as little as £100.00 online, the rise in relay car crime has been a sole contributor to the rise is vehicle thefts. The criminals usually work in groups, with the first assailant scanning your home or business to intercept the keys signals, whilst the other waits close by to your vehicle to transmit the intercepted signal.

Anywhere your key goes the possibility of having it stolen follows, be that at home, at the business or even at a restaurant. All of the hackers equipment fits inside of a backpack, allowing them to intercept signals as they move.

keyless protector police carWhat can Law Enforcement do to combat this?

Having a vehicle stolen will obviously distressing but added to that is the real possibility your vehicle may never be recovered. With no force of entry or alarms setting off, it could be hours or even days before you become aware the vehicle is gone.

The Police face the toughest challenge trying to bring these criminals to justice and retrieve your stolen vehicle with near to no evidence being left at each scene. The only surefire way to defend your vehicle, is to take action and equip your keys with Keyless Protector devices, effectively eliminating all chance of being stolen.

Insurance companies may not cover relay crime.

Did you know that some insurers are invalidating claims of vehicle theft?
Having non of the keys stolen and no force of entry, there is a very real possibility your insurance cover will be void when claiming against relay car crime incidents. Insurers will want to see that you have taken suitable actions to defend against relay car crime, especially as it is so prevalent in the media.

Losing your vehicle will add distress and disruption to your life, coined with having insurance invalidated is devastating.
Take action in preventing your vehicle becoming another statistic, equip yourself with a Keyless Protector to safeguard your assets.

How can you defend against Relay Crime?keyless protector image box

Keyless Protector is the best solution to combat this type of theft.
Extremely affordable, the Keyless Protector offers a simple yet effective fix to eliminate the possibility of relay car theft. Until now the only other solution was to hide your keys in a place where the signals would not escape, which the average person may struggle to verify until it becomes too late. 

Simple to fit and covering all types of vehicle, the Keyless Protector is the ultimate defense against modern car crime.
Guarding your keys 24/7

*figures from Tracker.

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