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Ardercase pedal box

LRD Security

The 'ardercase is a development of the popular 'ardcase which has been in production for ten years. The 'ardcase has proved to be a very effective theft deterrent primarily because of its ease of use...
There has been an increasing demand from owners asking for more secure pedal locks. So this was designed to be the next level in security for your pedals.
We have been making Land Rover security products for quite a few years and we have tried all types of anti theft devices to protect your vehicle. At the end of the day it's a trade off between ease of operation and effectiveness. The 'ardercase takes seconds to fit and is easy to store in your land rover when not in use. It sits nicely on most Defender dashboards or behind your seat without moving around when you are driving. It only weighs 2.5Kg and is therefore easily handled by anyone.
To the thief it is extremely difficult to remove, even using heavy duty power tools in a workshop. We have prototyped pedal shields which fold flat onto your land rover floor and whilst these initially look effective there are three issues, firstly, bolting to an aluminium floor panel is a natural weak spot, secondly, your feet are resting on the device whilst you are driving (restricting the use of floor mats) and thirdly you have to modify your vehicle. The 'ardercase does not have any of these issues and it gives you rock solid protection against even the most determined thief.

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