Recommendations and Links

Recommendations and Links

This page is dedicated to a few other companies we recommend. We have either worked with these companies on various project or know them personally, and therefore can recommend them for your Land Rover project or just for parts/accessories.

LRD4x4LRD 4x4 specialist Land Rover products

Our sister site that focuses on Land Rover accessories, a website focusing on products that are more unique and specialised than the mainstream brands, with an emphasis on quality products, and small volume relatively unique upgrades.


Buzzweld coatings for Land Rovers

From the Buzzweld site

18 years ago in 1997 I was working on my e30 bmw 316i.

I was sorting out the wheel arches, and my father provided me some paint. I stripped the arches internally and coated them.

A few months later I asked for some more paint, and my father said he didn't have any left. I inquired about getting some more, and was told about the cost. I was amazed that if I wanted any I would have to buy in a pallet load, and the cost I felt was staggeringly high. Especially when Waxoil and hammerite was so cheap.

Fast forward 18 years and I now understand that with most things in life you get what you pay for. I have been forever repainting, stripping, and repairing paint and metal on vehicles I own. I started to look into coatings and was gob-smacked with a certain "leading" domestic brand you don't even get 500ml in a tin, and are relieved of over £20 plus postage for the pleasure.

Inquiring about the very expensive paint I used 18 years before I found it to be very competitive on price and that a number of friends who had used it were more than willing to purchase at the same time.

Taking that idea further, this is where Buzzweld has come from. The coatings we sell are built to last, not marketed to sell. Some of which have been in use for over 50

It is my belief having researched and tried many other products that I sell the best coatings you can get, and I am not the most expensive.

GORE Products

GORE Land Rover Products

We sell some of the GORE products, but they are building a range of fantastic products to re engineer weak spots on the Defender, specifically the fuel filter housing on a TD5.

How we came to be.

GORE products came about as a result of a rotten TD5 Defender fuel filter housing.

Fed up with only poor quality replacements available we designed and manufactured a replacement for our own vehicle that we were confident would last!

Being part of a family with a long history in Engineering design and Manufacture, and having a passion for the green oval, we were certain we could re-engineer the original design to make a more durable product.

News of the upgraded housing spread among the Online Land Rover community, and we had our first product.

As word spread requests came in from other owners for replacement parts they would also like to have.

We have worked with these owners and their input has been invaluable in further development of products.

We as a company, and as green oval fans, look forward to developing our product range further.

Our mission is to develop products that improve on the OEM parts in functionality, durability and quality, whilst maintaining a high end aesthetic finish and at a reasonable cost.

Quite simply:

Green Oval Re Engineered