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Range Rover Security Products

The newer range rovers are still very susceptible to thefts, just in a very different way to defenders! Ultimately they are very desirable, as such there are ways to either prevent it or help retrieve it. Primarily an RFID anti scan case is a priority. If you have keyless technology in your car, the chances are the thieves can boost the signal from your key and unlock the car allowing access to the OBD port to 'trick' the car into thinking a key is inside. Disklok, although a bit of a pain to use this it a great visual and mechanical level of security. Tracker, this is of paramount importance, being able to track the car should it get stolen... nine times out of ten, cars are dumped for 24 hrs to check for trackers, if the car is still around when they get back then it is 'clean' so a great way to work around this is to fit a tracker to ensure you can retrieve it in this time period...

RFID Pouch


Tracker Locate


Tracker S5 Plus


LRD Track - Land Rover Tracker

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Tracker Retrieve


Tracker Monitor

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