LRD Essential Defender theft deterrents

Land Rover Defender Essential Security

There are some key aspects of Defenders in order to help prevent theft.

Defender security can be vastly improved very quickly and easily, by purchasing four simple products, which we have listed below:

Pedal box: From £105.99
Rear Quarter Window Guards: £80
Tracker: From £125 + Subscription
BBUS Sounder relocation loom (For post 1998 model defenders: £60

So for a total of approx £370.99, you can have peace of mind that your Land Rover will be that much harder to steal. If you have a pre 1998 Land Rover that price will be cheaper still, as the BBUS is not required. In an ideal world the products above would be bought as a bear minimum to protect against theft.

The pedal box is an absolute priority for a secure Defender, a great deterrent (Most are brightly coloured) and will make life very difficult to break the lock, and drive away easily.

Rear quarter window guards. It is well know that these rear quarter windows are a particular weak point in terms of gaining access. So these guards will be a great preventative measure to stop these vulnerable pieces of glass being popped out.

Tracker, unfortunately no matter how much security you have employed, it may be possible to still have the Land Rover Stolen. We stock a range of trackers all with varying degrees of usability, and apps, one of which allows you to remotely cut the fuel supply!

BBUS alarm sounder relocation loom. For any car built after 1998 with the TD5 engine, it is an absolute must to fit a relocation loom to site the BBUS to a more protected area in the engine bay.