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Td5 OBDSaver (OBD Port protection lock)

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OBD Port protection lock

Thieves can steal a car without the owner’s keys using a £30 hacking tool, in less than a minute. This illegal hacking device is capable of reprogramming a blank key, enabling the thief to drive away without damaging the Land Rover Defender. A really good essential layer to the security of Td5 and TDCi Defenders is to fit an OBDSaver...

We are the first dealers to bring security for the Land Rover Defenders OBD Port to the market...

Key features:

  • The OBDsaver is a fit and forget security feature. A great level of security and peace of mind if or when you forget to fit other layers of security.
  • The OBDSaver encloses and secures the OBDII port, making it nearly impossible to plug in a hacking tool.
  • It is incredibly secure... More than 3000 key variations with side key entry for maximum protection against attack.
  • Made from high strength Aluminium.

The OBDSaver acts as another layer of security which prevents criminals attaching hacking equipment to the OBD2 Port, and either reprogramming a new key, bupassing the engine imobiliser, or disabling the security features.

If any one requires access to the OBD port legitimately then it is very simple to remove the lock by using a unique high security key.

We are the first to sell an OBD port protector for the Defender, and we have had it extensively test fitted on various cars to ensure it fits correctly. As such we have been able to write up extensive instructions to enable fitting of this very easily.

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