Belly Fender Defender Light Guards

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Belly Fender Defender front light guards have been designed to offer OEM-style protection for the headlights, front sidelights and indicators. Designed to fit all Land Rover Defender vehicles up to and including 2016 model years*.

We are stocking these, because fitting with security bolts, this will protect the headlights from being removed and the thief gaining access to the BBUS behing the offside headlight. A common thing that is disabled to make stealing the Land Rover easier.

The guards are manufactured from 5mm marine-grade aluminium making them lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

CNC machining ensures that all forward-facing edges are rounded to 2.5mm, in-line with legal requirements for vehicle accessories; combined with a weight of less than 500g, the guards do not need type approval to be fitted to modern vehicles.

Each kit comes complete with black A2 stainless steel screws and isolating nylon cup washers to stop corrosion, fitting instructions and sturdy packaging.

*Note: These guards do not fit vehicles with NAS (North American Spec) side lights or indicators or vehicle with non standard grilles.