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The Defender Defender is a great Car tracker, solely designed around the usage of the Land Rover Defender.

Key features include:

  • GPS Technology
  • Interactive Smart Phone App
  • Extensive List of Features
  • Instant Alerts & Notifcations
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Easy Installation
  • Full User Control
  • Competitive Membership Cost
  • Small Unit Size

Peace of Mind is invaluable

Defender Defender is a GPS/GSM based motion sensor security system that provides: pinpoint tracking accuracy, automated responsive alert  notifications, unparalleled service levels and some of the best customer controls on  the market.  

Defender Defender's proactive system will activate and alert the user the moment any disturbance is detected in the vehicle. Movements without the key in the ignition, forced entry through doors or windows, or if your vehicle leaves a predetermined geo-zone, will all trigger the device.  

In 2014, 745 defenders were reported stolen with just 28.32% of these vehicles being recovered. The vast majority of the un-recovered Land Rovers had reported the absence of any extra security measures. Defender Defender endeavour to diminish the total number of defenders stolen in 2016 with an ambition to aid an improvement in the police vehicle recovery rate. Through the use of the mobile app, you have total control of where the vehicle is at any point in time.  

The Defender Defender is unique because it combines monitoring and other various features that are controlled via the personalised mobile app. The Defender Defender in-house specialised IT team are responsible for several key adaptations which have made these features function in a Land Rover Defender for the very first time.  

This system can be fitted in to any vehicle with all features working to full effect. Not only a tracking device but also an all inclusive security system, Defender Defender provides all customers with the luxury to now enjoy the time spent away from their Defender as well as all those memorable hours sat behind the wheel

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