Working in Layers to vastly improve the standard security level on Land Rover Defenders

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Working in Layers to vastly improve the standard security level on Land Rover Defenders

It is common knowledge that to be successful in deterring the theft of your Land Rover you have to work in layers, but what does this actually mean. It means thinking like the thief, and working out where they will attack the Land Rover Defender, initially, to gain access, but then, how they will get in the drivers seat and have the Defender away, or have the valuable parts stripped in a matter of minutes.

There are many weak points on the Defender to gain access. The most critical point of weakness is the rear window quarter lights, we have a product that caters for this weakness here. This, coupled with disabling the alarm means they now have access to the entire car to do as they will, and if they have already taken it to a lockup then they can take as much time as they want to strip the car down and sell the parts ditching the remains.

Analysing the previous paragraph, you begin to understand how to work in layers to prevent theft. Primarily, focusing on the initial weakness, we need to fit a guard over the rear quarter light windows. Then looking at the more recent Defenders (td5 and tdci) we need to fit an alarm sounder relocation kit. Then finally we need to look at fitting a tracker. On top of this it would be sensible to look at security for valuable parts that can be stripped quickly, for example the bonnet and doors.

Once you have got those things covered, you are really going to start to deter the thief. Unfortunately some thieves are particularly organised so if they want it they may well get it, but at least using some security products will hopefully deter them...