Upgrade the basic Land Rover Defender security for less than £350

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Upgrade the basic Land Rover Defender security for less than £350

So, we all know its hard to put money into security, when clearly there are far more interesting things to be spending money on when it comes to Land Rovers! We have put together a very short list of items that would be ideal to put into place when working on a budget, and greatly improve the chances of keeping your Land Rover Defender on the drive!

Bonnet cable guard £29.99, available here

This product, to our own specification, is designed to stop the most common way to steal a bonnet, and prevents people being able to put their fingers through the front grill to pull on the bonnet cable release, and pop the bonnet.

Door hinge guards £35/£50, available here

These plates are very similar to anti-burst hinges, and prevent the door from being pulled out beyond the bulkhead, or the b pillar.

Defender BBUS alarm relocation kit £60, available here

Unfortunately the location of the Battery backup sounder is very vulnerable, so thieves disable this unit then disconnect it, preventing all noise, and then they simply break in without any noise.

Rear quarter window guards £110, available here

The rear window quarter guards are a real week point in the Land Rover Defender, the seal can be broken very easily. Then access is gained very easily.

Pedal guard £104.99, available here

The last thing we would add in, is to have a visual deterrent. and this pedal box is a great option, covering up all the pedals.

These items should help keep things nice and secure, and all within a sensible budget, we recommend spending up to 10% of the value of your Land Rover on security items, so it worth adding into this list above over time as and when you can.