JLR's Latest Marketing stunt

JLR's Latest Marketing stunt

Range Rover Sport Downhill Run!

OK so its largely unrelated to the Defender, and even more unrelated to security, but its fun, so we thought we'd share it! The Range Rover sport tackling 'the inferno'! Its a 9 mile long ski run, and its very hard to ski let alone drive. the run descend 7,000 feet. The driver they used was none other than Ben Collins, and the specific car is the 5.0 V8 Range Rover, and it sounds epic!

The You tube video is here:

Range Rover Sport Video

The only mods on the car are a roll cage as far as we can see! The course was tackled in little over 21 minutes. Take a look and enjoy!

Back to security... and we have added a complete range of trackers to help provide a bit more choice when deciding which tracker to go for. The tracker are here...

Please keep checking back, as we have a few new products in the pipeline, which will be launched here soon...