Bonnet Security

Bonnet Security

Bonnet security for Defenders

The latest bonnet design has led to a spike in bonnet thefts, from Land Rovers. As such we have worked to make some great new products available. In particular the new bonnet release cable guard.

The bonnet release cable guard is the first of its kind on the market, and is a great addition to the security of your Defender bonnet, and should stop the theft in its tracks.

We have also just taken on the fantastically made Hurricane security grills from Uproar 4x4. Fitted with security fastenings these will go some way to preventing the theft in the first place.

Finally we also have the fantastically simple GORE bonnet hinges. Which should help prevent taking the bonnet away should they manage to get through the first two preventative measures.

All at a starting price of £180, these are some great measures that can be taken to prevent theft of your bonnet especially if you own a Puma bonnet, with the 'power bulge'